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Hi, I’m Julie. A former HS English teacher, turned fitness instructor, turned ‘kitchen-table-CEO’ and lover of all things Disney!! I own and run a virtual fitness business where I mentor women to be the best version of themselves. That includes mentoring them on how to integrate fitness into their lives via group coaching communities and mentoring one-on-one for building a virtual fitness business like I’ve created.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years and have created a 7 figure a year business, not from luck, but from consistently showing up every day to serve others and build my business. I love what I do and couldn’t imagine living a life where I did anything else!!

Part of my success lies in my super-power of consistency and discipline. I believe that discipline is the key to creating more freedom in your life. And that starts with your morning routine. In this free video e-course, I will break down how my morning routine is set up and teach you how to build yours, so that you have a structure to build up your consistency! 

Sparta School Coach Portal

Sparta Nation is a group of women who are on the path to freedom through fitness and entrepreneurship! 

If you are interested in being an influencer and building a brand online that empowers and inspires people to make healthy transformation in their life, Sparta Nation is the perfect community for you! 

If you are already a coach on Sparta Nation, please jump in the facebook group to find the link to join Sparta School!

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